Seattle Chinese Garden Society raises $50,000 for continued development of Seattle garden

From left to right: Benjamin Lee, Stella Chien, Ilze Jones, and Jonathan Geiger (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)

The Seattle Chinese Garden Society hosted the Soaring Dragon Celebration and benefit dinner at South Seattle Community College’s Brockley Center on Saturday, Nov. 10, raising approximately $50,000 for the continued growth and maintenance of the Seattle Chinese Garden. There were approximately 120 people in attendance, including honorary Chair Benjamin Lee and Seattle Chinese Garden President Jonathan Geiger.

The event also honored two long-time supporters of the Seattle Chinese Garden, Stella Chien, one of the oldest benefactors of the garden, and Ilze Jones, designer of the Seattle Garden in Chongqing.

Chien and her daughters recently donated funds to plan 12 flowering plum trees in the Welcome Garden to celebrate the life of her late husband John.

The Seattle Chinese Garden is one of the largest Chinese gardens outside of China and the first in the United States to accurately represent the Sichuan style.

The goal of the Seattle Chinese Garden is to strengthen and honor the bond between China, the Chinese people, and the people of Seattle, especially between Seattle and its sister city, Chongqing. (end)

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