LETTER: David Ma is mentally ill, not crazy

Dear Ms. Ng,

Thank you for your wonderful article featuring Mr. David Ma at the ACRS gala. I think it’s a tremendous achievement he has made and I am grateful that Asian Weekly was able to cover this story. I hope it changes people’s perspectives on mental illness. However, I want to let you know of some terminology that was used in the article that is offensive — especially to those who work with, live with, or know someone with mental illness. The term “crazy” and “shrink” both indicate negati ve concepts and continue the stigma that many of us work so hard to dissemble. Instead, the terms mentally ill or mentally disabled will work in place of “crazy.” And mental health counselor should replace “shrink”, although technically it would depend on the person’s license (some are psychologists, etc).

At ACRS all the mental health staff are referred as counselors.

Thank you, I hope you will be able to correct this error. (end)


— TP

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