Homestead Community Land Trust fundraises at Pyramid Brewery

(Left to right) Homeowners Carrie Sandvick, Janet and Roshan Shafi, Matteo Griffin, and Pam Selle, who can afford to own their homes thanks to Homestead.

Over 125 Homestead Community Land Trust supporters gathered at the Pyramid Brewery on Saturday, Oct. 20, for an evening of trivia and fundraising. Guests enjoyed food and beer, answered trivia questions, and learned about the important work of Homestead CLT at the event.

Homestead,  a private, nonprofit created to acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community, lowers home owning costs for middle-class families. The existence of community land trusts prohibit price speculation and absentee ownership of land and housing, promote ecological and sound land use, and preserve the long-term interests and affordability of a community. (end)

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