APAs break towards Obama

Asian Americans broke towards President Barack Obama, according to the Asian American Election Eve Poll, a joint project of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development  (National CAPACD) and Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF). While only 41 percent identify as Democrats, 72 percent of Asian American voters voted for Barack Obama and 26 percent for Mitt Romney. In Congressional races, 73 percent of Asian American voters backed Democratic candidates, while 27 percent backed Republicans.

National CAPACD found that an incredible 51 percent of Asian American voters were not asked by any campaign, political party, or community organization to vote or to register to vote.

The Asian American Election Eve Poll surveyed 800 Asian Americans over the pre-election weekend.
Asian American voters also overwhelmingly named the economy as their top priority, and supported an expansion of the federal government’s program to help low-income people pay rent.

Asian American voters are not fully decided on how to reduce the deficit: 26 percent of Asian American voters favor increasing taxes on the wealthy in order to reduce the deficit, while 45 percent would like to combine these tax hikes with spending cuts — but a strong 71 percent do not think spending cuts alone will solve the budget deficit.

Asian Americans likely sided with Barack Obama in part due to his health care platform — 60 percent responded that the government should ensure access to health insurance. Yet, while jobs, housing, and health care were critical issues for Asian American voters, they were also drawn to Barack Obama over Mitt Romney for a less tangible reason — while 47 percent felt the president “truly cares about them,” only 14 percent said Mitt Romney did.

“Asian Americans were hit hard during the recession — and this poll shows that they are focused on finding solutions to the economic downturn,” said Congressman Mike Honda, chair emeritus for the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. “This poll provides critical information about what’s important for Asian Americans and should be used as a resource for elected officials as they develop policies that will have an impact in our communities.” (end)

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