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Both gubernatorial candidates have heavily courted the Asian and Asian Pacific community’s support this year. They have both opened and actively used offices in or near the International District. They have reached out at events, such as the Asian Pacific American Community Summit held in Tacoma in September. They both even attended the Northwest Asian Weekly’s 30th Anniversary Gala and led the opening ceremony for the dinner.

The APA community, traditionally considered one of the more politically inactive segments of the population, has responded in spades, holding public and private fundraisers for both candidates. By now, most families and clans have chosen their candidate, and, after reviewing what we know about both men, the Northwest Asian Weekly has come to the conclusion that no matter who wins, the Asian community will benefit.

Read on for the Northwest Asian Weekly’s endorsements.

Jay Inslee (D) :
» Employs Asian and Pacific Americans in staff, including Campaign Manager Joby Shimomura (Hired as Chief of Staff when Inslee represented the 1st District), Deputy Campaign Manager Kelly Wicker, and Outreach Director Unjin Lee.
» Has served as U.S. Representative of both 1st and 4th districts of Washington, working with people from both East and West Washington.
» Voted for the Affordable Care Act.
» Lacks experience managing large-sized staffs.
» Shepherded the Japanese-American Memorial on Bainbridge Island project while in Congress.

Rob McKenna (R):
» As Attorney General, McKenna appointed the first woman Asian American Deputy Attorney General, Tina Kondo and promoted Gary Ikeda to division chief at the University of Washington and Mary Li to chief of the Social and Health Services division of the Seattle office.
» Has spent more time in Washington State, working in state government.
» Joined a lawsuit by multiple State Attorney Generals challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. Did not contribute state funds but contributed his time.
» Spent the last 8 years as Attorney General, managing approximately 1150 staff members in 12 offices.
» Cracked down on sex trafficking as Attorney General, a practice that affects many in South East Asia.

The Northwest Asian Weekly has decided to endorse neither candidate.

Instead, we present their pros, cons, and stances or major issues, so those who are undecided can make a decision on their own.

Measures: Officials:

U.S. Senator — Maria Cantwell

U.S. Representative District 7 — Jim McDermott

U.S. Representative District 9 — Adam Smith

Lieutenant Governor — Brad Owen

Secretary of State — Kathleen Drew

State Treasurer — Jim McIntire

State Auditor — Troy Kelley

Attorney General — Bob Ferguson

Commissioner of Public Lands — Peter J. Goldmark

Insurance Commissioner — Mike Kreidler

State Senator District 11 — Bob Hasegawa

State Representative District 11 Position 1 — Zack Hudgins

State Representative District 11 Position 2 — Steve Bergquist

State Representative District 32 Position 1 — Cindy Ryu

State Representative District 32 Position 2 — Ruth Kagi

State Representative District 24 Position 1 — Eileen L. Cody

State Representative District 36 Position 2 — Gael Tarleton

State Representative District 37 Position 1 — Sharon Tomiko Santos

State Representative District 37 Position 2 — Eric Pettigrew

State Representative District 43 Position 2 — Frank Chopp

Supreme Court Justice Position 2 — Susan Owens

Supreme Court Justice Position 8 — Steve Gonzalez

Supreme Court Justice Position 9 — Sheryl Gordon McCloud

Court of Appeals Judge Division 1 District 1 Position 4 — Ronald E. Cox

Court of Appeals Judge Division 1 District 1 Position 7 — Marlin Appelwick

King County Superior Court Judge Position 42 — Christopher A. Washington

King County Sheriff — Steve Strachan

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