HISTORIC NEWS: Al Gore stumps for Locke, others

By Deni Luna
NORTHWEST Asian Weekly
Originally Printed Nov. 2, 1996

http://nwasianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/31_41/historic_locke.jpgVice President Al Gore came to Seattle to campaign for Democratic candidates in an enthusiastic rally at Pier 48 Monday afternoon.

“Washington state, more than any other state, has the chance to call Newt Gingrich’s bluff,” Gore said.

He was referring to reports that Gingrich would resign from Congress if that institution became Democratic.

Gore spoke about progress under the Clinton Administration, such as areas of education, the economy, and the environment.

“We have created 11 million new jobs, cut the deficit by two-thirds, and are on the way to a balanced budget.”

Gore called the Republican agenda “anti-family,” saying the Republicans wanted to repeal the Family and Medical Leave Act, while the Democrats wanted to expand it to include parental leave for PTA meetings and doctor’s appointments.

Democrats also raised the minimum wage and have proposed tax credits for families sending children to college.

“No taxes should be levied on money used to pay for college education,” said Gore.

Gore also praised gubernatorial candidate Gary Locke for “outstanding leadership, no-nonsense management, and common sense.” Gore referred to Locke as the “son of an immigrant” and spoke of the military bravery of Locke’s father, Jimmy, who served in World War II under General Patton.

“The time has come to elect Gary Locke,” he said.

“We want a bridge to the future,” said Locke. “A future filled with hope and optimism. We as a state and as a people refuse to be trapped by cynicism. We have a legacy of coming together.”

Locke outlined his approach as governor, mentioning targeted tax relief, protection of the environment and support for the Growth Management Act, support  for a women’s right to choose, separation between government and religion, as well as support for a diverse culture.

Senator Patty Murray said, “This is a year for Democrats because Democrats care about people. Let’s give Newt Gingrich the pink slip.”

Congressman Norm Dicks also referred to Gingrich saying, “When (Democrats) win the election, Jim McDermott is going to be Chair of the Ethics Committee and there’s a guy in Georgia who is shaking in his boots.”

Seattle Mayor Norm Rice spoke about a society with full participation, saying, “We must build a bridge and make sure everyone can cross it.”

Also onstage were several Democrats running for a state or Congressional office. Among them were Rep. Jim McDermott; Brad Owen (candidate for Lieutenant Governor); Phyllis Kennery (candidate for Secretary of State); Mike Murphy (candidate for State Treasurer); Attorney General Christine Gregoire; Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn, and Congressional candidates Jeff Coopersmith, Kevin Quigley, and Adam Smith.

Several candidates urged voters not to take the Nov. 5 elections for granted.

“We don’t need to sleep. We don’t need to eat … as much as we need a new Congress,” said Coopersmith. (end)

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