Delegation from Seattle to travel to Hiroshima for museum dedication

Dr. Floyd Schmoe Museum of Houses for Hiroshima

Floyd Schmoe

A delegation chosen by the city of Hiroshima will be traveling to Japan on Oct. 31 for the dedication of the Dr. Floyd Schmoe Museum of Houses for Hiroshima. After the bombing of Hiroshima, Dr. Schmoe traveled to Japan in 1949 and 1954 to rebuild houses that were damaged. He was assisted by three other Americans, including Rev. Emery E. Andrews of the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church, and worked on money he personally raised. Rev. Andrews’ son, Rev. Brooks Andrews, will be part of the American delegation.

The museum is a preserved home built by Schmoe’s Houses for Hiroshima project, illustrating the efforts that went into the project and the types of houses that were built. The house was slated for demolition but was preserved by the World Friendship Center, who incorporated it into their existing activities. (end)

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