BLOG: No pork, please

Food donated to the Ethnic Media Candidates Meet and Greet (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

By Assunta Ng

I volunteered to secure the food for Sea Beez’ Ethnic Media Candidates Meet and Greet. A man asked me if there were any dishes without pork.

For a moment, I drew a blank. I hadn’t thought about that. Muslims don’t eat pork. We did have Muslim media at the event.

Most of the donated food items had pork. Luckily, the Vietnamese egg rolls donated by Vina Thai, were made of shrimp and beef. I also pointed to the onion bread and coconut cocktail buns donated by Duk Li.

Table at the Ethnic Media Candidates Meet and Greet featuring publications from local ethnic media (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

Most of the dishes were consumed halfway into the event.

Though I’ve volunteered to help out at many local events, this event in particular reminded me to be more considerate of cultural and religious food restrictions the next time around. At a debate organized by such a diverse group of ethnic media, the end goal is always to be inclusive. (end)

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  1. Ariele says:

    That’s more than sebesnli! That’s a great post!


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