FLS petitions against Yesler Terrace rezone

Friends of Little Saigon (FLS) is asking the community to sign a petition against Seattle Housing Authority’s proposal to rezone the 30-acre Yesler Terrace property north of Little Saigon. FLS is concerned that this rezoning will lead to the displacement of small businesses in Little Saigon due to increases in property value and rent. In the case that the rezoning is approved, FSA and other community members plan to seek further investments from the city to mitigate the effects of displacement. Proposals include building a mixed-use development in Little Saigon, providing a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Yesler Terrace to fund open space and infrastructure improvements in Little Saigon, and free co-usage of parking on the weekends for new businesses. FLS asks that community members write a letter or e mail to the Seattle City Council or sign the petition on their website. (end)

For more information, visit www.friendsoflittlesaigon.org.

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