BLOG: The real Father’s Day gift

By Assunta Ng

A few years ago, my husband started kicking me out of the kitchen. It used to be that I was the chef and my husband was the helper.

It seemed that my cooking skills grew stale and as he started cooking, my husband became a great cook.

What happened?

I don’t know, and I don’t care!

Recently, my son started spending time in the kitchen, too. I’ve nurtured my son to enjoy cooking, a role long perceived to be for women. He would start by making the dinner salad that I taught him to make. Now, I have no business in the kitchen as three cooks in the kitchen can be chaotic.

And who washes the dishes afterwards?

Not me, either!

I guess we’re starting to turn into a more progressive household, but I am enjoying this new tradition not only because I can kick back and relax, but because I can watch my husband spend time in the kitchen with his son. I guess I can say that this is the real Father’s Day gift. (end)

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