BLOG: Portobello mushrooms, and seafood twice a week

By Assunta Ng

“What does she eat?” A Caucasian woman who has seen me often at events was curious why I don’t gain weight. You see, Asian community events are often featured lots of delicious food.

“What’s the publisher’s name?” she asked my friend. “She is so skinny! What exactly does she eat?”

I can tell you what I ate last week, but the week before was a contradiction. I indulged in all kinds of unhealthy foods, and I am not telling!

Last week, I bought a few Portobello mushrooms. Each night, I cooked one as a side dish. These mushrooms taste like steak, and they melt in my mouth when I prepared them right.

I put in a small amount of butter, two small pieces of ginger, tiny bits of green onion, and olive oil before I placed the big mushroom in a covered pan with low heat. I topped the mushroom with garlic salt, and cooked it for five to six minutes.

I eat seafood two to three times a week. Someone said my dinner would go well with wine, but alcohol is not for me, good soup is. One night, my entrée included fresh clams, and the next night, I had boiled shrimp. For both dishes, I did not use any oil.

If you don’t want to gain weight, seafood is the answer. If you want to search for fresh and reasonably priced seafood, Asian grocery stores in the International District are the best way to go. (end)

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