BLOG: Jay Inslee in the ID

Jay Inslee

By Assunta Ng

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, a former congressman, invited me to chat with him at the Panama Hotel recently. Inslee and Organizing for America opened their office close to the International District on Rainier Avenue South.

Will Inslee do a better job than his fellow Democrat, current Governor Christine Gregoire, if he gets elected?

Some Asian Americans are disillusioned with Gregoire’s ability to get things done. Also, she hasn’t been visiting the International District much or attending many Asian events for the past two years.

Asian immigrants, who supported Gregoire’s campaign against her opponent Dino Rossi, are not only disappointed, perceive her attitude as a snub. Several have turned to inviting Lt. Governor Brad Owen instead, who has always been keen on maintaining ties with the Asian community.

With this issue, Inslee has ducked the question by responding, “I am not running against Gregoire. I am running against Rob McKenna.”

He vows that he would not abandon the Asian community. He claimed his record of appointing Joby Shimomura as chief of staff when he first became a congressman. His support in funding the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial will be counted among Japanese Americans. (end)

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