BLOG: An NBA star weds Chinese wife

James Donaldson and wife Meirong Zheng in Beijing, Forbidden City

By Assunta Ng

Looks like NBA star James Donaldson just won the jackpot. He recently married a C hinese woman who works in a hotel in china. How did they meet? “Through,” Donaldson said without hesitation. It wasn’t until they met in person, though, that Donaldson found out she doesn’t speak English. And he doesn’t speak Chinese. Did I miss something? Well you see, while corresponding through the Internet, his wife used a computer program to translate English into Chinese, and vice versa. I assume they’re still communicating to each other through the computer.

“Right now, we have the best [kind of] relationship,” Donaldson said laughing, alluding to their inability to have an argument. So, is it or the Chinese-to- English translation program that should take the credit for this match?(end)

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  1. top secret says:

    Just another chinese woman looking for money and green card. Divorce is coming soon.


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