BLOG: An Asian spin on Rob McKenna’s campaign?

By Assunta Ng

Supporters with Rob McKenna including (left to right) Emma Heron, Walter Liang, Susanna Pak, Ron Chow, Annie Zhou, and Michael Park (Photo by Rebecca Ip/SCP)

A roast pig, a dragon dance, and campaign signs in Asian languages were not the only Asian elements of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s gubernatorial campaign party. The celebration was held in Chinatown, where his new campaign office is located.

Who showed up at the event? I was curious. Asian American Republicans, such as Yoshi Minegishi, Tomio Moriguchi, Samantha Pak, Ron Chow, Walter Liang, and other Asian immigrants, were present among the 200 attendees. There were other surprises. Democrats including Judy Yu, former Federal Way Mayor Michael Park, and Karen Wong were also there. Wong, who is not a supporter, said a friend had invited her.

The race between McKenna and his opponent is getting interesting. Both are seeking the Asian community’s support. McKenna’s gesture of having an office in Chinatown is a nice statement. Is he going to make full use of his Chinatown office or is it just a place in name? He said he would invite prominent Republicans to meet with him at his Chinatown office, including former Governor Dan Evans, but we’ll see. (end)

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