Wise Words from Wise Leaders on Today’s Women

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 More women have gotten elected in the last 10 years than in the last 10 centuries, and although America lags way behind the international average (we rank 70 out of 165 bin the world), and Washington State (which used to boast 40% women in our legislature and now has 32%), we are kicking up our heels. Women’s buying power, education level, health status and equal employment are on the rise. You go, girl!
— Cathy Allen
International Women’s Political Consultant

Avoid saying, “I can’t.”  Instead say, “What can I do that I never thought that I could do before.”
— Bonnie Miller
Former President of Women’s University Club

Two of my favorite maxims apply to all leaders, but especially women:
– No Fear
– Believe and Soar
— Lori Matsukawa
KING TV Anchor

I have had strong women mentors throughout  my career. They taught me that ‘she-roes’ come in many sizes, ages, backgrounds, and colors. Always take time to acknowledge those who contributed to your success by paying forward and being a mentor to someone else.
— Sheila Edwards Lange
Vice President for Minority Affairs
Vice Provost for Diversity
University of Washington

These words from poet Maya Angelou have guided me and countless others –“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
— Jill Wakefield
Chancellor of Seattle Community Colleges

You are unique! No one else is like you! Don’t be afraid! Go for it! Live, love and be joyful!
— Mary E. Fairhurst
Washington Supreme Court Justice

Through the works of independent international filmmakers and writers we can gain some insight into the lives of the unsung heroines throughout the world, women who have much to teach us about courage and preserverance.
— Gei Chan
Former Fashion Designer

Define YOU, your beautiful self, and stay true to your identify throughout your career journey. In life, know everything is good with one O™!
— Starr MacDonald

Work hard, step up to take on risk, be prepared and stay educated, and recognize and help your colleagues be successful.
— Laura Rehrmann
FAHP | PRESIDENT Group Health Foundation &
VICE PRESIDENT Community Responsibility Group Health Cooperative

Take care of yourself and your family, then others. Stick to your profession what you are good at. And keep learning.
— Yijiao Hong
Owner, Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC

Be independent. Have a goal. What others say about you is none of their business. Live for today, and not the past.
— Shiao-Yen Wu
President, WPI Real Estate Service Inc.

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