Woman robbed in Chinatown, loses $2,000 and passport

By Staff
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Victim is helped by witnesses and Donnie Chin, from International District Emergency Center. (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

On Feb. 14, a robbery occurred in Chinatown near Uwajimaya, in the alley between Maynard Avenue South and Sixth Avenue South, adjacent to South Weller Street.

The woman  robbed is of Asian descent, and a witness estimated her to be in her 20s. There was $2,000 in her purse, along with her passport. She was walking down the alley toward South Weller.

A male came up from behind the woman, who was unaware that he was following her. He grabbed her purse and ran through the alley, onto South Weller Street. He immediately jumped into a waiting car.

A witness said the robber was either white or Latino.

The woman followed the robber and grabbed onto the car door as the car was moving, a witness said. The woman did not let go until the car sped away, without stopping at a nearby stop sign, a witness said. The license plate number of the vehicle was recorded by a witness.

There was blood on the woman’s hand. She reported that there was a bump on her head and that her legs were swollen due to the incident.

At the time of publication, the police report regarding this incident had not been made available.

According to the Seattle Police Department blotter, there was a similar incident that occurred in the International District on Feb. 2.

Another woman almost had her purse taken by a man at Seventh Avenue and South King Street.

The woman managed to hold on to her purse.

An officer chased the suspect, and he was apprehended that night, around 6:30 p.m.

The suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.  (end)

Assunta Ng contributed to this report.

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