BLOG: Can a fortune teller predict election results?

By Assunta Ng

My cousin Teddy, an immigrant from Taiwan, believes so. He visited me from California last week.

“Did you go back to Taiwan to vote (for the presidential election)?” I asked him. Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou won re-election two weeks ago. Taiwan permits dual citizenship. However, citizens are required to go back to vote in person.

Teddy looked at his wife for a response.

“Don’t need to,” Teddy’s wife said. “I read a book predicting that Ma would win and his fortune would be good for another two years.”

My eyes rolled. What kind of logic is that? If that’s the case, Republicans, who are fighting over who their nominee will be, should have stopped wasting their money. Just go to a fortune teller. And we don’t even need the Secretary of State, who is in charge of elections, do we?

(By the way, more than 200,000 overseas Taiwanese went back to Taiwan to vote. Yet two Seattle Taiwanese who traveled to Taiwan to vote for Ma’s opponent, the Democrat Progressive Party candidate, failed to do so because they were sick on Election Day. I wonder how many went back and failed to show up at the election booth. How ironic!) (end)

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