A Lunar New Year winter wonderland


John S. S. Leong’s Seattle Kung Fu Club marches in a Dragon parade for Bing Kung Tong’s Lunar New Year celebration on Jan. 15. The dragon is more than 20 feet long. Leong bought the dragon 20 years ago. Though it was made in China, he bought it in the U.S.


10 members of the Seattle Kung Fu Club held up the dragon, which had its head in plastic to prevent damage from the snow on Jan. 15


The crowd of people shopping at Uwajimaya on Jan. 21, right before Lunar New Year’s Eve


The Hong Kong Assocation of Washington Foundation’s 2012 Chinese Lunar New Year Gala benefitted the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WiSe). The representatives of WiSe are show on stage at the event.


The Wing’s Lunar New Year Celebration on Jan. 21


Joana Zhang bought a dragon-themed cake to celebrate the Lunar New Year at her party

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