ICHS part of community vigil to support health center funding

At the event, Veronica Kim, women's preventive health services coordinator at ICHS (woman who is smiling) stands next to Ron Chew, ICHS Foundation executive director. On Chew’s left is Sharyne Shiu Thornton, executive director of the International District Housing Alliance.

Among the International Community Health Services staff, board members, and patients who showed up at the Nov. 30 vigil in support of community health centers was Sunshine Monastrial (woman in back, holding sign). She is the ICHS policy analyst.

 On Nov. 30, about 400 supporters of Seattle community health centers — including International Community Health Services (ICHS) supporters — gathered at Swedish Medical Center for a candlelight vigil to call upon lawmakers to save safety net programs and help people in need.

State lawmakers are dealing with a $2 billion budget shortfall, and Gov. Chris Gregoire has proposed cutting Basic Health and Disability Lifeline, among program reductions.

Community health care center supporters explained that their services — often to the uninsured and low income — save money through prevention. (end)

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