General election results

By Staff
Northwest Asian Weekly

State of Washington Initiative No. 1125
(Concerning state expenditures on transportation)
Yes — 48.51 percent
No — 51.49 percent

State of Washington Initiative No. 1163
(Concerning long-term care workers and services for elderly and disabled people)
Yes — 66.34 percent
No — 33.66 percent

State of Washington Initiative No. 1183
(Concerning liquor: beer, wine, and spirits [hard liquor])
Approved — 59.61 percent
Rejected — 40.39 percent

State of Washington Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) No. 8205
(Concerning length of time a voter must reside in Washington to vote for president and vice president)
Approved — 71.78 percent
Rejected — 28.22 percent

State of Washington (SJR) No. 8206
(Concerning budget stabilization account maintained in the state treasury)
Approved — 66.89 percent
Rejected — 33.11 percent

City of Seattle Proposition No. 1
(Regular tax levy including families and education)
Yes — 59.43 percent
No — 40.57 percent

Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition No. 1
(Increased vehicle license fee for transportation improvements)
Yes — 40.02 percent
No — 59.98 percent

Shoreline School District No. 412 Proposition No. 1
(Supplemental levy to support class size)
Yes — 58.78 percent
No — 41.22 percent

King County Fire Protection District No. 28 Proposition No. 1
(Increased number of commissioners)
Yes — 47.15 percent
No — 52.85 percent

*All percentages were current as of press time on the night of Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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