Gary Locke’s brother-in-law involved in financial scandal

Geosun, a lighting manufacturer, is suing a company owned by Wade Lee, claiming that Lee’s U.S.-based company, EML Technologies, owes Geosun $11 million. Lee is the brother-in-law of U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, Mona Locke’s brother.

The U.S. embassy in China was earlier quoted as saying the case was not related to Locke himself though Geosun, via popular microblogging site Sina Weibo, claimed that Locke spoke highly of EML Technologies to government officials in 2003 and 2008, before he was ambassador. Geosun claimed that trade between the two companies increased significantly after those remarks.

However, there is no public record of Locke making such remarks.

Others are split on this controversy. Some internet users have criticized Locke for being corrupt, for not separating his station with his own business interests. Others say that

Locke has nothing to do with the suit.

A relative of the Lee family spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said that Wade Lee is very upstanding, honest, and would never rip anyone off.

EML Technologies attorney Dennis Davis, of San Francisco’s Goldberg, Stinnett, Davis & Linchey, declined to comment on the case at this time.  (end)

3 Responses to “Gary Locke’s brother-in-law involved in financial scandal”

  1. Long Spear says:

    If you check out the Chinese-languag media, it is apparently becoming a scandal now. Gary might not be involved in this lawsuit, but he clearly helped Wade Lee’s company and business by praising Wade Lee’s local business partner (Geosun) in front of the Chinese officials and visiting Geosun during his visit to China in 2003. This is at least inappropriate. Here is the video ( of Gary’s 2003 meeting with local Chinese officials and visit of Geosun. You can judge it yourself if you understand Chinese.

  2. Teresa V says:

    “He said that Wade Lee is very upstanding, honest, and would never rip anyone off.”

    …No one accused Lee of ripping anyone off. There is a dispute over money owed. Interesting phrasing there, NW Asian Weekly.

  3. Ron Wong says:

    The headline on this story doesn’t match the story. Wade Lee’s company is involved in a dispute. But it hasn’t been proven that there is a “scandal” here, nor has it been proven than Lee himself is involved. This happens all the time – companies get sued by other companies over money owed.

    Also, Gary Locke isn’t involved. Through publishing this story in the first place and adding the sensationalized headline that you did, you created at least 2 “stories” that never existed in the first place.

    Also: “Others are split on this controversy. Some Internet users have criticized Locke…” Since when did “Some Internet users” become an acceptable primary or even secondary source for a journalistic piece? There is very little attribution of sources here. Just gossip and speculation.

    Come on, Assunta, I expect more in the way of journalistic integrity. You’re starting to become the International Examiner.



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