BLOG: Play the lotto or eat delicious food

By Assunta Ng

Recently, an older Asian woman’s eyes caught my box of little golden, juicy, sweet tomatoes while I was waiting for the cashier at Uwajimaya.

“How much are those tomatoes?” she asked. She was buying two lottery tickets and seemed like she was a regular player.

“Perhaps $6 something. I don’t know exactly,” I replied.

“Oh, my. They are expensive,” she said. “But they sure look good.”

If she just used her lotto money for fresh produce, her health would be better off!

Her thoughts, “If I were to win the lotto, I could buy the best tomatoes in the world!”

Temptation never quits.

In the meantime, I declare myself a winner, a winner of gourmet treats. (end)

One Response to “BLOG: Play the lotto or eat delicious food”

  1. John Smith says:

    To each his own, I always say. If you eat well, you live longer and can play health lottery more. If you win more, you can always eat well, isn’t it?


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