BLOG: Is Chinese food organic?

By Assunta Ng

The other day, at a dim sum lunch I donated at a Chinese restaurant, a non-Asian woman said she didn’t eat shrimp.

Great, nine out of 10 dim sum items have shrimp in them!

So I ordered veggie dishes for her. There were tofu, mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, and stir-fried string beans.

But she asked another tough question.

“Is the tofu organic?”

Doesn’t she realize that very few ethnic restaurants, including Chinese and Asian, offer organic foods?

When people are that picky, I advise them to let the host know about it before they show up. (end)

One Response to “BLOG: Is Chinese food organic?”

  1. Tian Li says:

    I felt this week’s entries in the paper version of NW Asian Weekly really put down others different from us. If we do not agree with someone or see the flaws in their choices, does it do good to self congratulate or put them down? That’s what I felt Publisher Ng was doing this week.


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