The joys of SYLP

For three weeks, dozens of students from the Puget Sound region came together and celebrated the International District, community-building, leadership — and made a lot of friends along the way.

Photos by Ina Dash

SYLP students on one of the first days of the program

SYLP students at Tsue Chong Noodle Factory

Smile! An SYLP group pic

SYLP students with UW tour guide Jamil Suleman

SYLP students with Officer Jonathan Chin

From left: SYLP lead mentor Alan Leung, SYLP coordinator Yolanda Eng, SYLP lead mentor Ina Dash, SYLP scholarship winners Harrison Lo, Sandy Yee, Ivy Wong, and Daniel Luke

SYLP students walking in the ID

SYLP students at the Wing


One Response to “The joys of SYLP”

  1. Douglas Brehm says:

    The NWAW did a fine job of apparently ghost writing pieces for these engaging young folk, but some of these stories just scream of a immense double standard. How can we as Americans erase racism permanently if other nations such as Japan have “Japanese only” restaurants; Chinese establishments maintain a policy of excluding “Japanese Dogs”; Indians maintain their caste system; Indonesians openly discriminate on the basis of religion and ethnicity — not to mention the policies of Sakoku and cultural Sinocentrism?

    Do these perceptions leave people at the border when the immigrate? I wonder …

    Just proves my point in the current Sept. 3 issue on page 11 at bottom where article is entitled “My way or no way at all.” Most Americans probably do not realize the Chinese are exceptionally racist against Black people. This is a outrageous mental framework and a hate crime.

    Again, this is just a double standard although I hope one day some real progress will be made outside of branding Americans as “supremacists.”

    It’s a sad day in America when I see these radical Asian opinions in practice, but maybe one day we’ll all hang up the “my culture is the best” mentality and just all learn to be friends.


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