SYLP: a poem Stina Shen
SYLP student

The three weeks of SYLP
Was not what I expected it to be!
I started nervous as hell,
But it went really swell.
I’m sure participants would agree.
Through a ton of awkward ice-breakers,
I found me some kindly friend-makers.
We promptly got down
To exploring Chinatown.
We became master leaf-rakers.
Though the social aspect was quite nice
Getting bubble tea with friends (no ice!)
At the end of the day,
I’m still sure I could say,
I learned being Asian means more than white rice!
During the fun days of SYLP,
Influential Asian Americans we did see:
Lori Matsukawa, Bob Santos, Andrew Cho
Caroline Yuen, Thach Nguyen, Hoan Do
They all spoke with us excellently.
We learned all about history
And what affects our community.
Education, success, stereotypes, too
What communities can really do
I really earned lots of moxie.
SYLP is wonderfully great.
Sign up, have some fun, don’t wait!
You eat, laugh, and learn.
It won’t be a concern.
And a great time you will create. ♦

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