BLOG: Guilty Friday

By Assunta Ng

Le Reve Bakery and Cafe, owned by Nakata and Sharon Woo Fillingim (Photo by Assunta Ng)

What is it like to forget about eating healthy?

Owner Andrea Nakata was giving out business cards for her new bakery at a party. I grabbed one and ventured into Le Reve Bakery & Cafe (1805 Queen Anne Ave. N.) with my family last Friday. We had yummy twice-baked almond croissants, a sandwich, and quiche.

Later that day, I had steak and strawberry pound cake with vanilla ice cream for dinner. Don’t condemn me for eating unhealthy.

After six days of eating multigrain bread, salads, and brown rice and of drinking organic milk, Friday is my day to quit being guilty.

Fat latte only!


“Do you have nonfat lattes?” asked my white friend at a Chinatown bakery.

I didn’t get it. Is there a fattening latte? I wondered. Should I translate for the bakery owner?

“We only have fat latte,” said the owner in perfect English before I even responded.

I was still confused. I’m not a coffee drinker.

Apparently, coffee culture has its own language.

What my friend wanted was nonfat milk in her latte, and the bakery serves theirs with regular milk only. (end)

2 Responses to “BLOG: Guilty Friday”

  1. News Junkie says:

    oh by the way, I think using the word “white” sounds somewhat racist here. The skin color of the person is not relevant to the story, you could have just used “non-Chinese speaking friend”.

  2. News Junkie says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t get what you are talking about here.


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