A parade of Lions

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From July 4 through July 8, members of Lions Clubs International from all over the world gathered in Seattle for its annual convention. One of the activities members engaged in was a parade. An award-winning float came from India, which earned second place. Mainland China earned second prize in the precision demonstration units, which featured the fashion of 56 ethnic Chinese minorities. Japan earned first place for its uniformed marching delegation, and Hong Kong/Macau also earned first its Seattle All City Marching Band.

Photos by George Liu/NWAW

The Korean Lions. Korea will host the next Lions convention in Busan, South Korea

The Japanese Lions, featuring a member in a Pikachu Pokemon costume

Lions from Hong Kong/Macau in their native costumes

Taiwanese Lions in their indigenous costumes

A representative from Thai Lions in her native costume

The Mainland Chinese Lions, mostly from Dalian, in their native costumes

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