Blog: Ichiro finally back and fighting

Ichiro Suzuki

I am a Mariners’ fan, though I don’t watch the games. I don’t need to. Dinner table talk with my family is all about the Mariners.The first thing my husband looks for in the morning paper is the Mariners’ score. The kitchen television plays only Mariners’ games. I am bombarded with the Mariners, period.

For 27 games, Ichiro was in a slump, I heard. My son complained about his batting, not too much though, because when Ichiro is not playing well, apparently the team wins. When Ichiro is doing well, the team goes nowhere.

What kind of logic is that? Does it mean that when his team is not doing its best, he is motivated to play harder, or vice versa?

Sometimes, winning and losing has no logic. Luck seems to be the deciding stroke. Fortunately, Ichiro dug himself out of his slump in the last two games. ♦

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  1. John Doe says:

    Ichiro is 0-8 in his last two games.


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