May 7–8: Ashley Cheuk competes in rhythmic gymnastics championship

Ashley Cheuk on rope

Ashley Cheuk on floor

Ashley Cheuk, 11, is a sixth-grader at McKnight Middle School and a rhythmic gymnast who competed in Region Two’s Junior Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastic Championships. Twelve states were represented in the competition.

Cheuk competed in four events and placed second in floor, first in rope, first in club, and second in ball. She became  the 2010–2011 Level 7 Junior Olympic Regional Champion and was named Gymnast of the Year.

Cheuk also earned a spot on the Junior Olympic National Team for the fourth straight year and qualified to compete in the U.S. National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships at the ESPN World Sports Complex in Orlando next month. ♦

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  1. Hazen Class of 2017 says:

    Lol it’s Shawen Win. Hi!!!

  2. Shawen Nguyen says:

    That’s amazing. Period.


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