Blog: What can we learn from Japan?

How can a nation train its citizens to remain calm and orderly after witnessing the loss of their homes and the deaths of their loved ones?

How can we create a society like that of Japan, which is selfless in crisis?

Remember how some people behaved like animals during the recent Middle East riots and during Hurricane Katrina? It is quite a contrast to the suffering Japanese, who have not succumbed to madness.

On news clips, you can see how everyone lines up orderly for food and water. No one takes more than their share. Anyone could easily ask for more for their parents or kids, who are waiting in shelters or at home. But if you need more than your share, you line up again. Everyone knows the rules and complies with them.

When I was in Japan, I didn’t need to push or fight to get on buses, to obtain seats in restaurants, or secure appointments at doctor’s offices. No one was there to keep track of who came first. No one gives you a number. Everyone just knows their turn. Thankfully, at this time, the police doesn’t need to waste time maintaining order or watching for looters and criminal acts. ♦

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