Blog: We depend on Japan for so much

When news of Japan’s misfortune broke out, all the baby milk powder made in Japan was instantly sold out in Hong Kong. A relative of mine, who lives in southern China, often drives across the border to Hong Kong to buy the powder.  

Many of my Chinese friends adore Japan because when they visit Japan, they enjoy the clean environment, feel safe, and don’t worry about being robbed. They envy the Japanese. They wonder how Chinese society can strive for and achieve a similar standard.

Don’t expect to eat abalone any time soon. Abalone is a favorite of many Chinese. Sendai, one of the towns hit by  the tsunami, produces abalone for many Asian markets. Prices for abalone will skyrocket soon.

Japan also manufactures many electronic materials and parts not made by China and Korea. With all the factories shut down, consumers from all over the world will have to pay much higher prices.

It goes to show that we are all interconnected. If Japan is doomed, it will affect everyone all over the world. ♦

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