Blog: Strangers helping strangers

A donation can for rellief efforts for Japan at the recent Sounders game, March 15 (Photo by Sarah Rothman of the Red Cross)

During his broadcast, NBC anchor Brian Williams wondered how Japanese people located their lost relatives in Japan during the disaster.

Here is how: Michael Yamaguchi of Renton was worrying about his loved ones in Sendai, where the quake/tsunami struck. He had not heard from them. His daughter’s Japanese teacher told him that Google allows people to submit the names of those they are trying to locate. Yamaguchi sent the link to his brother, who sent the link and the home address of his family members to his co-worker. His co-worker had a friend in the prefecture next to Sendai. The friend actually drove all the way to Sendai and searched for the house from the address that was given to her.

When she arrived, no one was home. However, she heard people were taking shelter at an elementary school, so she decided to look for them there.

Yes, she found Yamaguchi’s relatives, and they were safe. ♦

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