Letter: Good and bad of immigration reform tangled together

To the Editor:

Most Americans agree that immigration reform is needed. The question [then] becomes, what is immigration reform? [Is it] reuniting families and expediting family visas? Most Americans would agree.

[Is it] due process in deportation? Most Americans would agree.

It is when you get to three other points raised in this article that most Americans part ways with the marchers:

[Could it be] full legal protection regardless of status? Most Americans believe that those found to be here illegally should be put into the deportation process immediately.

[Or, is it a] path to citizenship for those here illegally? Most Americans do not support this idea. We have had many amnesties in the past and the flood of illegal immigrants simply increases after each.

[Or, could it be] the Dream Act? The Dream Act encompasses too large of a scope of age. It also allows those who ‘intend’ to pursue a college degree or military service to fall under this act. As such, the children are lost and the con-artists are now eligible. It becomes just another amnesty, but this one is touted as [being] for the children when in reality, it is not.

If what these groups want is reform, the first two would be easy and, if they would separate themselves from the open border gang and the amnesty for all groups, these reasonable goals could be accomplished promptly and with the overwhelming support of the American people.

If they want to hang on for an amnesty for 20 million [immigrants] who have broken our laws, lied, connived, and taken jobs from legal residents, then the deserving parts of immigration reform will languish and die.

For those groups serious about immigration reform, the time is now to drop the demand for amnesty and move on with reform.

— Bill Turnbull, Seattle

4 Responses to “Letter: Good and bad of immigration reform tangled together”

  1. William Turnbull says:

    You do not need to deport most. Simply enforce the laws on the books. Enforce laws against employment of illegals. Stop states from issuing drivers licenses. Stop cities, like Seattle, from being santuary cities. The Federal government should demand cooperation of local law enforcement, not just request it. Without jobs, there will be no reason to stay. Those here illegally will go home.

    On the flip side, we do need a reasonable visa program for those who would like to work here and return home. We do not need a “pathway to citizen”ship but we may need a work program. We need legal workers who can be protected by law. We do not need criminals who break our laws.

    By the way, if the wages were right, there might actually be “Americans” willing to pick lettuce, even if it meant you paid about $0.25 per head more. Besides, if you are from Texas, you know that illegals are predominate in the roofing, cement, landscaping and building trades, so please don’t give me the nonsense about picking fruit.

  2. Christian in Austin says:

    Bill Turbull is simply delusional. Ok first off, I am a 32/white male Republican from South Texas. IF YOU THINK WE CAN DEPORT THE 12 MILLION HERE, YOU ARE SIMPLY DELUSIONAL! Another thing it would cost tax payers trillions. You mentioned them taking our jobs, well your right, ALL THE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS APPLYING TO PICK FRUIT 12 HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK ARE NOW OUT OF A JOB! LOL! We need Immigration Reform now! Provide a pathway to citizens so the immigrants can invest in America and we can boost our economy. As for Mr. Turnbull, please do more research!

    • SAM says:

      Christian in Austin, you are the biggest hypocrite, How could you be a “32/white male Republican from South Texas”…Do you know why the dream act failed…REPUBLICAN!! DUH! so figure out which side you are on, and then come back to the conversation. Now I’m a Republican who is legal American as it gets and I can tell you since I know this first hand, The Dream act and all the other acts to give amnesty to these ILLEGAL people are wrong and should be denied. Even if it was to pick fruits that’s a job for any homeless or low income family. Period. Reasons American are losing schools and having teacher strikes and other taxes is due to paying illegal immigrations cost. It wont take trillons to deport all illegals. It will take every American to call the cops and have the cops remove them by force. They dont deserve our rights since they dont even want to pay their way to this Country the right way. Try going to their boder and ask their president or government for citizenship…(get it you ask for it) what a joke, no one will give you it because they dont see you as one of them. So while you spend time being tortured in their prisons you will realize America is for free legal Americans period. Stop defending those who spit on who you are daily, and using their kids, exploiting them saying America please feel sorry for my child, they had nothing to do with this..Well tell me when your kid comes home in a body bag by one of these illegal idiots and then you will see why the system should be working harder and forcing these illegals out… Think did your school have all the elective programs like sports, job training etc …no it did not because 600million dollars per county with illegals are taking that money from welfare and schools so they can sprout more illegal kids. Tell me when you wake up. See that school isn’t even acting American anymore. Did you know that you cannot fly your American flag in class on your desk. What the ****. When illegal kids wear every other country flags everyday. What is America coming to when we can’t even show pride in our Red White and Blue.


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