Thach Nguyen embarks on a quest to empower a billion people

By James Tabafunda
Northwest Asian Weekly

Thach Nguyen (Photo by James Tabafunda/NWAW)

The nation’s recession and high unemployment have caused anxiety for millions of Americans.

For Thach Nguyen, 40, tough times have had less of an effect on him and the people he has encouraged to be more connected to others. With his messages about hope and letting go of fear, they have learned to go after their dreams and not allow current circumstances to dictate their lives.

“The economy is just doing what the economy is doing. Now that the economy has changed, it just shows people that they were never in control of their lives,” he said, as he pointed out two options. “It’s easier to be a victim in life than it is to change and be a victor in life.”

The residential and commercial real estate specialist at John L. Scott has made a gigantic leap from the $20 and one suitcase that Nguyen, his parents, and five brothers brought with them when they immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the mid-1970s.

He eventually became a millionaire at the age of 27, three years earlier than the goal he had set for himself.

Nguyen has been a guest speaker for high school students participating in the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation’s Summer Youth Leadership Program. Last March, he organized a fundraising event for the International Examiner.

Now, in his 19th year in real estate, he acknowledges his financial achievement and personal honors. However, he says balance in his life is what he really values, the kind that motivates him to reach out on a large scale and help others.

He strongly emphasized, “When you really can put the focus outside of yourself, that far out, then your life gets so enriched. You can’t even measure it.”

Nguyen studied the philosophies of well-known authors including Wayne Dyer and Zig Ziglar. He also learns from another mentor, sales trainer Matthew Ferry.

Like his mentors, Nguyen conducts and participates in speaking engagements. His goal of teaching one billion people is one he is determined to achieve.

“His dreams now have entered the global community because the Internet has created a flat economy and a flat world, so he’s very aware that he could impact a billion lives,” said Bettina Carey, founder and chief empowerment officer of Women in Small Biz, a matchmaking business dedicated to empowering, mentoring, and promoting women entrepreneurs and “bold men.”

“He’s probably already connecting to at least over a million people without batting an eyeball,” she states, referring to his Facebook page and other social marketing efforts.

“Zig Ziglar said, ‘You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want,’ ” said Nguyen. “And, Zig said to me, ‘If you can master that, you can master fulfillment,’ and I was [off] on my journey then.”

Last May, Nguyen brought together hundreds of people at an event called “The Gift,” an opportunity for attendees to “meet people, connect with them, find out what they’re up to, find out what their goals and dreams are, and see how you can contribute to them.”

“When you do that, your goals and dreams will be taken care of, much faster and much easier,” he added.

Carey has known Nguyen and his wife, Camie, for six years. She attended “The Gift” and said, “[The] energy [there] went far beyond the physical walls that we were in.”

“I understand that Thach and I and a number of others that I know, we were born gifted with the idea and the possibility of living our lives unconditionally giving. But, that’s not how the rest of the world is raised,” she said. “The rest of the world is raised to take care of number one and to be interested in number one.”

Glenda Sweet, a mother of two children, needed a place to live. She met Nguyen about four years ago. Now, she lives in Seattle’s Belltown district and has “coaches” to offer their support.

“He changed my whole life completely. He put out his hand, and I grabbed it,” she said. “I have optimism, and I have joy in my life.”

Nguyen’s next speaking engagement will be in front of a local Ethiopian community on Nov. 19.

He is currently working on his first book. According to Nguyen, the book’s overall message will be about “how to live a contributive lifestyle, without an agenda.”

“My present is great because it’s a gift, but my future is going to be phenomenal because I believe in manifesting what I want,” said Sweet. ♦

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