Indian American SC gov-elect Haley is pioneer

Nikki Haley

(AP) — Months of Nikki Haley’s campaigning are giving away to a sprint during the next two months as she becomes South Carolina’s female governor.

Haley said Wednesday, Nov. 3, that it is still sinking in that she’s been elected. Part of the reality is the state’s protective agents want to move her son’s basketball goal so they can put up a guard shack at Haley’s home.

Haley moves into the governor’s mansion in January. She says her children will continue attending the same Lexington County public schools they are in now after the move.

Haley is already beginning to shape her administration. She’s set up a transition site on the Internet and met with House Republicans Wednesday.

Nikki Haley, whose parents were born in India, will be the first female governor in South Carolina. ♦

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  1. Gregory Pankow says:

    Excellent, Congrats and good luck.


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