Blog: Watch Out, Patty, here comes Dino

Dino Rossi with his aides, Jinyoung Chung Lee (middle), Maxine Toh (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

Dino Rossi, candidate for U.S. Senate, dashed through the International District last Sunday, meeting with Chinatown community leaders.

This is Rossi’s third attempt for political office. He lost twice to Gov. Chris Gregoire in his bid for governor.

When asked what he is doing  differently compared to previous races, Rossi said he is campaigning hard among ethnic communities and places where his opponent, Sen. Patty Murray, doesn’t show up.

So far this year, Murray hasn’t campaigned in the ID.

“This isn’t a presidential year,” Rossi said, so candidates don’t have the advantage of riding on President Obama’s coattail like they did in 2008.

Contrary to past campaigns where white males tagged along, Rossi brought along two Asian American female staff members to the ID. Now that’s progress! ♦

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