Blog: Was Chelsea’s $3 million wedding too extravagant?

The Wall Street Journal said so in a July 30 article by Brett Arends. When I read it, I instantly erupted with rage.

1. It’s nobody’s business if the Clintons choose to spend lots of money on their only child’s wedding, provided that they spend it out of their own and not the taxpayers’ pocket,

2. Yes, the Clintons can afford it. The Clintons’ royalties from their books and Bill’s speeches make them rich.

3. Economists have repeatedly said it takes money to stimulate economic recovery. Should we rely on spending by the rich or the poor to revive the economy?

4. Brett wrote that Jenna Bush held her wedding at her father’s ranch, implying that they saved money. Well, the Clintons don’t own a ranch. Hillary is a public servant. If you know of Obama’s rigid ethics guidelines for his cabinet members, holding the wedding at a friend’s place to save money would have been inappropriate. It could have been a potential conflict of interest.

5. The security cost must have been a huge sum, and that is not something the Clintons could have avoided. Only a secluded place could have ensured privacy and appropriate security measures. Holding the wedding in New York City would have been impossible. Naturally, transportation costs would have added to the bill since everything had to be shipped to the wedding site, Rhinebeck, a 2-hour drive from New York City.

6. The event was good for the ordinary folks. The Clintons picked a small, hidden town as the wedding venue. Yes, Rhinebeck became visible overnight. Choosing this place increased much-needed tourism and publicity for the area. The rippling effect has just begun.

7. The guest list of 450 for Chelsea’s wedding is hardly excessive. I am amazed how small it is considering the Clintons’ accumulation of relationships and friends over the decades and after Hillary’s presidential bid. Compared to Chelsea, my niece, who isn’t famous and just got married, had a total of 500 guests at her wedding.

To say that Chelsea is setting a bad example is overblown. I hate to say this, but men just don’t get it.

Being a very private person, Chelsea is not trying to set an example of anything, or create a world record or even make a statement. All she wanted was a special wedding to call her own. Now, bug off. ♦

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