BLOG: Can you turn your hobby into a career?

Ping pong aficionado Victor Wu (left) and Alan Lee (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

“Love what you do. Do what you love.” This is easy to say, but nearly impossible to do, especially if your love is playing ping pong.

Alan Lee and his die-hard ping pong friends are proving that it can happen. They started the Seattle Pacific Ping Pong Club in Bellevue last week. If Alan Lee cannot make money out of this, at least he is having fun playing while running the club. However, he does plan on developing future ping pong champions (currently, most national champs are from California).

I went to the grand opening of the club. Several young promising players smashed their balls with the speed of a rocket. I wouldn’t want to play with any of these kids.

And for those of you who live on the Eastside, this club is a gift for you.  It rains a lot in Seattle; ping pong is the best indoor exercise and recreational activity for the young and old, male and female.

For their courage, zeal, and entrepreneurship, I hereby declare Alan and his partners as winners of the 2010 Smart Passion award! ♦

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  1. Yay for Yees!

One Response to “BLOG: Can you turn your hobby into a career?”

  1. Turning your hobby into your career requires that you are extremely talented and determined. You also have to be very good with people and have sort of an internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management)system or just have a good memory to keep good relations with the right people and sponsors. I think this is very overseen at times.

    Well done Allan!


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