Sophia Aragon suspends campaign for district rep

On June 11, Sophia Aragon announced that she had suspended her campaign. She was running as a Democratic candidate for Position 1 in the 22nd District (Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater) of the Washington State House of Representatives.

In a release, she stated:

“I’m committed to continue to serve the people of the 22nd through my work with the Washington State Nurses Association. I will continue to work with legislators to make quality health care a reality for all Washingtonians.”

“Although my campaign has come to an end, I will continue to be an advocate for the 22nd district and for all the wonderful people I met during my campaign.” ♦

One Response to “Sophia Aragon suspends campaign for district rep”

  1. MPO says:

    This is a shame. There are so few minorities serving in Washington State, we need someone like you running. With all of the talk about diversity in Seattle, the fact of the matter is that the king-makers in Washington State keep pushing and backing the same carbon copy politicians. Did you know that of the 27 real leadership positions in Washington State that only 2 of those currently serving are minorities. The 25 others are all caucasian. Where is the equal representation?

    Seattle City Council (9 Reps, 1 minority (Harrell)
    King County Council (9 Reps, 1 minority (Gossett)

    Governor Gregoire, Mayor McGinn,KC Executive Constantine,US State Representatives Inslee,McDermott, Reichert, and Smith, US State Senators Murray and Cantwell.

    Shame on you Washington!


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