April 29: NAAAP-Seattle, NSHM­BA-Seattle, Microsoft join forces for networking and recruiting

The Microsoft Diversity Recruiting & Networking event garnered hundreds of attendees. (Photos by Liz Tran)

The National Association of Asian American Profession­als-Seattle partnered with the National Society of Hispanic MBAs-Seattle, Microsoft, and other organizations for the Microsoft Diversity Recruiting & Networking Event.

NAAAP-Seattle President Gil Gido with keynote speaker Gwen Houston

The event was held at the Building 34 Café on the Mi­crosoft Redmond Campus. Re­cruiters from different Micro­soft business units, including Entertainment & Devices and MS Operations, were on hand to discuss career opportunities at Microsoft with students and professionals.

The keynote speaker, Gwen Houston, general manager for Diversity and Inclusion at Microsoft, spoke of recruiting and developing talent of diverse candidates while supporting Mi­crosoft’s business goals. ♦

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  1. Bob Yoder says:

    I am startint to report on Asian activities/culture in Redmond, WA. Does anyone know if there will be another conference this Spring (2011)?

    Redmond Neighborhood Blog, http://redmondblog.org
    Regards, Bob


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