Letter: To immigration reform advocates: Teen pregnancy must be curbed

To the Editor:

As a Chinese immigrant, I must remind immigration advocates that the United States is now the greatest debtor nation in the world due to many of our policies.  

Presently, well over 15 million U.S.-born citizens and legal immigrants, including open border advocates, have lost their jobs. Although some immigrants are great assets to the U.S., it is simply selfish, shortsighted, and irresponsible to promote amnesty and ever increasing immigration to gain political clout.

Asian, Hispanic, and African immigration advocates should be told that if the U.S. population continues to grow at the rate of last decade, mathematically, the U.S. could have India’s current population within the lifetimes of today’s children’s children. …

Decades ago, [the] Chinese already realized that population growth and immigration would impede its economic success. China also seriously restricts immigration even for Chinese born abroad.

For the sake of law-abiding Asian and other U.S.-born citizens and legal immigrants, we should all urge President Obama and Congress to work on curbing teen pregnancies totaling 750,000 a year nationwide, encourage small families and drastically reduce immigration, both legal and illegal.

Many legal immigrants who did not apply for welfare are appalled at the extensive welfare abuses in the native and immigrant communities. Therefore, the federal government should require that all sponsors of immigration should pay for the welfare costs, cash and non-cash, provided to the relatives they brought to the United States.

It is simply wrong to tax other legal immigrants and U.S.-born citizens to pay for those welfare programs. China does not hand out welfare to its own citizens!  Traditionally, Asians are known to be fiscally responsible. What has happened to Asian fiscal responsibility and self-respect?

— Yeh Ling-Ling, executive director of Alliance for a Sustainable USA

6 Responses to “Letter: To immigration reform advocates: Teen pregnancy must be curbed”

  1. rayjay says:

    actually i completely disagree. population growth is not the problem here. the US population is actually headed for a decline considering the falling birthrates, and the aging of the population as the baby boomers are becoming senior citizens. our current Social security system has only stayed afloat due to the 7 billion dollars a year that is taken out of the earnings suspense file from the IRS. in this file, the taxes that illegal immigrants pay with false SSN is placed. without this subsidy from this file our medicare and social security would have failed years ago.

    now with the aging population we need more people to pay into the system and support our infrastructure. deporting people out of our economy is NOT the way to go.

    • Johnny says:

      Ridiculous claims. The American population was stabilizing when politicians clubbed us over the head with massive levels of (unwanted, un-needed) immigration beginning in the 80s. There is nothing beneficial about an economy that expands simply by the presence of millions and millions more uneducated poor people. And judging by all the ethnic whining from groups like The Race (La Raza), these newcomers are not going to want to support aging White people, even if they are able with the menial jobs they are qualified to perform.

      The belief that invaders'(illegal aliens) contributions to SS is significant is often repeated by Open Borders radicals, but has never been proven. And surely you’re not arguing that with free school with bilingual education, free medical, in-state tuition, welfare, housing and all the other goodies that invaders steal that they are a net benefit to the economy? And all this is to say nothing of the jobs stolen and neighborhoods destroyed.

      Invaders ruin schools and hospitals. Their contributions to SS are paltry compared to the desolation these locusts wreak.

    • Mitchell Young says:

      Where did you get your figures? I believe the census mid-range predictions show a population of 450 Million for the US in 2050. Why yes, they do…


  2. Jonty says:

    China is not a democratic country so stop giving examples of China. They dont treat people as humans most of the time, Whole world knows that. If you think china is that better then go back….good luck.

    • Mitchell Young says:

      India is a democratic country and sharply restricts immigration to all but those who can show they, their parents, grandparents or (I believe) great-grandparents were born in what is now India — excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      The irony is that two of the biggest emmigrant-sending countries — and not only to the US but to Canada, the UK, Australia — don’t allow any immigration to speak of — except for the quasi-racialist Indian policy.

  3. Han says:

    The immigration laws of the United States are made by Jews and (allegedly) WASPs. I don’t think we should pretend that Asians have any clout on this issue. We should simply sit this one out.


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