Wise is an easy target for critics; balanced perspective is welcomed

To the Editor:

Finally, a more balanced perspective about the Provost’s Nike board service [in the editorial from the Jan. 23–29 issue].

The press on leaders so frequently highlights high profile negative cases, and while I don’t know the Provost well, I do know that not all administrators are evil, greedy sycophants. The reality is that many folks who ascend into these difficult, top University leadership roles actually do so with a deep commitment to stewardship of the institution.

Provost Wise’s Nike appointment has been an easy target for critics, particularly in these despairing economic times. But if what the editorial suggests is true, that Wise has donated all her board earnings to date to UW scholarship endowments, I say, good for her.

I hope she can influence the Nike Corporation to find a stronger social conscience as well.

— Michael Copland, UW associate professor and chair of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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  1. David says:

    And the 34,158 dollars a month that she currently makes is a bargain basement price for what she does!!!!


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