VOLUME 28 NO. 6 | JANUARY 31 - FEBRUARY 6, 2009


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By Sun Lee Chang


As a creature of habit, you are hesitant to incorporate any major changes. However, a willingness to make minor adjustments could garner immediate results.

Work: Your tenacious spirit keeps you determined while others readily give up. A handsome reward awaits you for your efforts.

Love: As hard as it is for you to let your guard down, sharing your true feelings will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


Though a bumpy start could throw you off a bit at the beginning, the remainder of the year has all the makings of a banner year.

Work: The line between work and your private life has been blurred lately. Unless you step in and draw a clear line, one has the danger of intruding on the other.

Love: Although you have been content waiting patiently in the past, you are now eager to jump in and get things moving.


The events of the past year have you second-guessing yourself. In order for you to head in the right direction, sometimes you have to take a step back to readjust.

Work: You must decide whether you are the kind who lives to work or works to live. Once you are ready to embrace who you really are, a greater purpose lies out there for you.

Love: Rather than laying blame on someone, see what you can do to better the situation at hand.


Once your mind is made up, you are not inclined to change it on a whim. However, that doesn’t stop those close to you from trying to change your mind.

Work: Exercise caution in your business dealings because your personal feelings could come into conflict with what needs to be done.

Love: Has your partner expressed a concern that your attention seems to be focused elsewhere? If true, set aside some time alone with your partner to avoid any distractions.


A major change is coming later this year. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to prepare for what is to come.

Work: If there was ever a moment for you to shine, this is the year. All the hard work you have put in thus far will be rewarded soon.

Love: Do you think you have learned all there is to know about the one you love? Don’t be surprised to learn that he or she could be holding something back.


You have a tendency to be too protective. Strive for transparency in certain areas to alleviate possible tensions that may arise.

Work: Spontaneity is overrated in your situation. Don’t be afraid to strategize during last-minute schemes.

Love: Do you consistently use humor to avoid possible confrontations? Be aware that some could misinterpret it as you not taking the issue seriously.


Despite a jovial and welcoming exterior, sometimes you harbor feelings that are quite the opposite. Finding a positive outlet is crucial to your overall health.

Work: You are not shy about touting your strengths and are adept at compensating for your limitations. Both of these qualities will give you an advantage in coming months.

Love: Seek someone that connects to you both in mind and spirit. Such a pairing will help you to optimize your full potential.


You have a lucky charm that tends to help you succeed. Don’t assume that this will always be the case.

Work: Focus on finishing what you set out to do. As tempting as it may be, avoid distractions until the main project is complete.

Love: Acceptance is a fleeting thing that derives from an outside source. Therefore, be self-motivated rather than relying on the feedback of others.


Having built an extensive social network, you are never far from a friendly face. Take advantage of your support system, as you will enter a period of transition early in the year.

Work: You are generally quick to take offense if someone criticizes your work. Rather than becoming defensive, see if there is any truth to his or her assessment.

Love: Petty grievances only serve to hold you back from a solid connection. Set aside minor annoyances and start taking the high road from here on out.


Not content to sit on the sidelines, you are extremely active in most cases. Since time is limited, resist the urge to volunteer for every assignment.

Work: Surround yourself with those who are eager to work as hard as you. Sort out the few that seem to drag their feet.

Love: A deep appreciation for the finer points of life can lead to an unexpected outcome. Know that you can change course along the way if you so desire.


Do you worry so much that it has become an issue? Be selective in what you absorb, instead of internalizing everything that comes your way.

Work: Including yourself in your list of priorities is considered selfish by some, but it can be quite necessary if you want to avoid being relegated to the bottom of the pile.

Love: Getting involved in the lives of those around you happens naturally. However, be aware that others may need more space when you get involved.


With the instincts of a natural leader, you are growing weary of working behind the scenes. This could be the year for you to take center stage.

Work: Are you beginning to realize what others have suspected all along? You are ready to meet the challenges that have long been on the backburner.

Love: Missed chances can be a blessing in disguise. Think fast on your feet in order to make the most of an unexpected break.


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* The year ends on the first new moon of the following year. For those of you born in January and February, please take care when determining your sign.



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