VOLUME 28 NO. 4 | JANUARY 17 - JANUARY 23, 2009

Community organization wary of Dearborn project, summits motion

Last updated 1-15-09 at 2:03 p.m.

The Inter*Im Community Development Association (ICDA) in Chinatown/International District is known for its commitment to the surrounding community. It has filed a motion to intervene on an appeal of the contract rezone proposal for the Dearborn/Goodwill project, an urban development project, which will potentially bring condos and a department store along with additional affordable housing to the ID.

The developers at the helm of the project believe that it will be more business to the lagging Dearborn street block. Some community members, such as Inter*Im, have their doubts, worrying that the development could drive out existing businesses.

Last fall, the hearing examiner recommended approval of the contract rezone for the Dearborn/Goodwill project to move forward. However, a former Jackson Street community councilmember, Bill Bradburd, filed a motion weeks later to appeal the hearing examiner’s decision.

Inter*Im Executive Director Hyeok Kim said, “Inter*Im filed the motion to intervene in order to support Bill Bradburd’s appeal because we still have fundamental concerns about the scale, character and long-term impacts of the Dearborn/Goodwill project.”


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Community organization wary of Dearborn project, summits motion

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