VOLUME 28 NO. 2 | JANUARY 3 - JANUARY 9, 2009

The top 8 events that changed in Asia in 2008

March 10: China cracks down on protests in Tibet using force — or not?

Last updated 12-31-08 at 11:36 a.m.
In reaction to the protests, a pro-Tibet rally was held outside the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, Calif., on March 17.

Some 400 Buddhist monks participated in a protest march in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, to commemorate the failed uprising of 1959, which resulted in the Dalai Lama fleeing to India.

On March 14, the largest protests in two decades turned violent. Ethnic Tibetans reportedly attacked Chinese citizens and vandalized public and private property. Chinese police used force to suppress the demonstrations. Tibetan leaders said that more than 100 Tibetans were killed, but Chinese officials said there were only 16 fatalities and denied that police had used lethal force.


The top 8 events that changed Asia in 2008:

2. April 10: Nepal holds a historic election

3. May 12: Earthquake kills thousands in China

4. May 18: North Korea hints at transparency — then takes it away

5. July 16: Milk scandal in China makes world headlines

6. Aug. 8: The Summer Games open, Michael Phelps makes history

7. Sept. 1: Thai protests turn violent, government declares state of emergency

8. Nov. 26: Terrorists attack Mumbai

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