VOLUME 28 NO. 2 | JANUARY 3 - JANUARY 9, 2009

The top 8 events that changed in Asia in 2008

July 16: Milk scandal in China makes world headlines

Last updated 12-31-08 at 11:40 a.m.
Shelves are stripped in a supermarket in China as a result of the contamination in September.

The scandal broke after 16 infants in Gansu Province, who had been fed on milk powder produced by Sanlu Group, were diagnosed with kidney stones. After the initial focus on Sanlu, the market leader in the budget segment, government inspections revealed the problem existed to a lesser degree in products from 21 other companies, including Mengniu, Yili, and Yashili.

The issue has raised concerns about food safety and political corruption in mainland China, and it has damaged the reputation of China’s food exports.


The top 8 events that changed Asia in 2008:

1. March 10: China cracks down on protests in Tibet using force — or not?

2. April 10: Nepal holds a historic election

3. May 12: Earthquake kills thousands in China

4. May 18: North Korea hints at transparency — then takes it away

6. Aug. 8: The Summer Games open, Michael Phelps makes history

7. Sept. 1: Thai protests turn violent, government declares state of emergency

8. Nov. 26: Terrorists attack Mumbai

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