VOLUME 28 NO. 1 | DECEMBER 27, 2008 - JANUARY 2, 2009

Northwest Asian Weekly's Top 8 Stories of '08

Last updated 12-24-08 at 1:48 p.m.

Madame Ton Nu Thi Ninh, former Vietnamese ambassador to the EU, outlines her plans for a new university in Vietnam, in the Northwest Asian Weekly office Jan. 8.
Photo by George Liu.

Jan. 16: Madame Ninh to open new university in Vietnam

By Eleanor Lee
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: We chose this story because it exemplifies Seattleís progressive relationship with Asia. It mentions the fact that Washington stateís former Gov. Mike Lowry was the first to visit Vietnam. Also, it portrays Ninhís unique position in a government not known for having many female leaders.

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Leslie Lum (right) speaks with Ron Chow (center), of the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs, and Damien Lee, Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner.
Photo by Rebecca Ip

Feb. 23: BCC faculty says, ĎRacism happens for a profití

By James Tabafunda
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: We chose this story about alleged discrimination at Bellevue Community College because it portrays how institutional racism can still occur today. We have no updates on this case as Leslie Lum has been unavailable for follow-up comments.

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A drawing of Barbara Anne Smith, a victim of domestic violence, hangs at a YWCA womenís shelter. The artist, Neelu Bhuman, was inspired by a portrait of Smith taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibowitz.
Photos provided by D-22

April 12: South Asian domestic abuse victims finally open up

By Caroline Li
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: We chose this story about how victims in the South Asian community are speaking out against domestic abuse because it is an issue that has touched all of us. This story shows the bravery of survivors and the generosity of an organization committed to helping them move on and feel safe.

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Chinese protesters demonstrated April 14 at the University of Washington campus in Seattle, claiming the Dalai Lama was inciting separatist uprisings in Tibet.
Photo by Jane Mee Wong

April 19: China loves Tibet?

By Jane Mee Wong
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: Tibet-China coverage has been one of the most ó if not the most ó controversial news items this year for Northwest Asian Weekly. We are choosing to reprint this story because it does its best attempt to gather many types of voices, not just one personís opinion.

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Many volunteers, donors, organizers, and lion dancers are responsible for the success of an auction fundraiser held June 1 for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.
Photo by Rebecca Ip

June 14: Seattleís Chinatown raises $166,596 for quake victims

By Assunta Ng
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: Sichuanís tragic earthquake on May 12 reverberated on the other side of the world. Rather than rerun a depressing reminder of the events that transpired, we decided to run a story on how our own community came together to give what they could to help earthquake victims.

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Ruby Chow, accompanied by her†husband, Ping, are at a tribute and fundraising dinner held in their honor at the Asian Resource Center Sept. 15, 2007.
Photo by Rebecca Ip

June 7: Ruby Chow, local legend, dies at 87

By Eleanor Lee
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: Ruby Chow is a Seattle icon. She passed away this year, and though she will be missed, we will never forget her contributions to Seattle and to Chinatown. She was truly a pioneer, one who was brave enough to give Asian Americans a voice in this city.

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Chinese Hooters girls in Beijing are not that dissimilar from their American counterparts. American chains such as this one have been popping up all over the city.
Photo by Jason Liu

Aug. 10: Hooters gives Chinese sports fans a thrill

By Jason Liu
Northwest Asian Weekly

Editorís note: Of all our Beijing Olympics stories, why did we choose to rerun the Hooters article? Well, because all of us have already been overexposed to the victories and the scandals of Beijing. We chose this story because it captures the boisterous spirit of what it mustíve been like to have been there. We also chose this story for its humor and for its portrayal of Chinaís Westernization.

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President-elected Barack Obama
Graphic by Stacy Nguyen

Oct. 11 Editorial: We endorse Barack Obama

Editorís note: It didnít take more than a second for us to think of our most important editorial this year. Coincidentally, it was also the one that took the longest to write. We are proud of our endorsement and are especially happy with the electionís outcome.

Special thanks should go out to the Rothman-Kurose family. Ruthann, Mika, and Mori were some of Obamaís earliest supporters in our community. They played a huge role in gathering support for his campaign and helping to sway the undecided. For that, they have our gratitude.

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ē The Celebrity Hall of Shame: Top 8 of 2008:

1. Miss Vietnam Thi Thuy Dung Tran
2. Hong Kong actress Bai Ling
3. Edison Chen
4. Tila Tequila
5. Miss Washington Elyse Umemoto
6. Jose Manuel Calderon
7. Miaoke Lin
8. Miss Asia pageant Eunis Yao

Top 10 Names in the News of 2008

1. University of Washington students
2. Michelle Obama
3. Cindy Ryu
4. Robert Mak
5. Karen Bryant
6. The Chinatown Gate
7. The Wing Luke Asian Museum and the Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)
8. The Dearborn Street Development
9. Uwajimaya
10. Maneki Restaurant

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