This month: Victoria’s Secret unveils first Asian angel

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By Ninette Cheng
Northwest Asian Weekly

This November included some highs and lows for Asian American performers, some breakups, a World Series performance, a film with a mostly Asian cast, an angel, and my favorite, a sexiest man title! Let’s get the bad news over with!

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin: perhaps the biggest loser of them all

As usual, Jon Gosselin turned out to be a big loser. In fact, some argue that he is the biggest loser of the year.

Soon after my column last month, the reality show dad and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman broke up.

“Jon and Kate Plus 8” aired its final episode on Nov. 23. A few days later, Entertainment and Showbiz website named Gosselin the number 1 Top Turkey of 2009. I wholeheartedly support this title. Jon, stay in 2009. I am ready for 2010 to not include this clown.

Actor Lindsay Price

Actor Lindsay Price

Lindsay Price needs a job

Lindsay Price has another failed television show on her resume. ABC has announced that it will not be ordering any additional episodes of the show “Eastwick.” Does the problem derive from the actress or the plotline of “Eastwick”?

Media outlets seem to have differing opinions. New York Magazine points out that this is the fourth consecutive cancelled television show starring Price. Her last successful show was “Beverly Hills: 90210” (the original series, not the remake).

The Los Angeles Times, on the other hand, thinks it’s the material. “While it spawned a moderately successful movie, this is the third time an attempt to make a TV series based on the book has fallen short,” the newspaper wrote.

Hmm … I don’t know. Does Lindsay Price need a new career?

Pop singer Nicole Scherzinger

Pop singer Nicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls: kaput?

106.1 KISS FM, a radio station in Seattle, announced this month that the Pussycat Dolls had broken up. I was prepared to include this piece of news, but then, the group’s creator, Robin Antin, fired back saying that this was just a false rumor. Part Filipina lead singer Nicole Scherzinger is currently working on her solo album.

Only time will tell if this will lead to a long-term solo career.

Jenna Ushkowitz performs with ‘Glee’

Actor Jenna Ushkowitz

Actor Jenna Ushkowitz

On Oct. 31, the cast of Fox’s “Glee” performed the national anthem at the third game of the World Series. As usual, the cast, which includes Korean American actress and singer Jenna Ushkowitz, was amazing.

So do you want more background information about Ushkowitz? Read on.

Before “Glee,” Ushkowitz was best known for her Broadway performances. In 1996, Ushkowitz performed her first Broadway role in “The King and I.” Before being cast on the hit show, she was an understudy in “Spring Awakening.”

And for those wondering who the ‘other Asian’ is on “Glee,” as in the guy with no lines, the actor is Harry Shum Jr. Shum previously guest starred on shows including “Boston Public,” “Greek,” and “iCarly: iGo to Japan.”

I will be watching to see if he ever utters a line on the show!

Model Liu Wen

Model Liu Wen

Victoria’s Secret debuts their first Asian model: Liu Wen

Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show is debuting a new first this year. No, it’s not the first billion dollar bra.

They are presenting its first Asian model. Model Liu Wen, of Chinese ethnicity, walked the runway on Dec. 1.

Little is known about Wen so far, but perhaps after the show, we will find out more.

One of the “Ninja Assassin” promotional movie posters featuring actor Rain

One of the “Ninja Assassin” promotional movie posters featuring actor Rain

Actor Sho Kosugi

Actor Sho Kosugi

At the box office: “New Moon” sets a new record; “Ninja Assassin” premieres

You might have heard of a small vampire-werewolf movie that came out on Nov. 20.

The film is titled “New Moon.” Co-starring Justin Chon, the film boasted the biggest midnight ticket sales and the third largest opening weekend in history. Congrats to Justin!

While his role in the “Twilight Saga” is small, we will hopefully see more of the young actor in the future.

Thanksgiving weekend marked the premiere of “Ninja Assassin,” an action film with a mostly Asian cast. The film stars Rain, a popular South Korean jack-of-all-trades: actor, singer, model, dancer, businessman, and designer. His co-stars include Korean American actor Rick Yune, “The Fast and the Furious” actor Sung Kang, and Japanese actor Sho Kosugi.


Actor Justin Chon (left), Actor Rick Yune (middle), and Actor Sung Kang

Actor John Cho

Actor John Cho

John Cho: one of the sexiest men alive

A few months ago, I expressed my disappointment at the lack of Asian male celebrities on People’s Most Beautiful list.

This is why it makes me so happy to announce that my wish has been granted! “Star Trek” and “Flash Forward” actor John Cho has been named one of the sexiest men alive by “People” magazine. Hopefully, Cho is the beginning of the end of the stereotype against Asian men as less masculine.

That’s all the highs and lows for now. See you next year! ♦

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