Letter: Thanks for saying what many have been thinking

To the Editor:

My sisters Maria and Elizabeth talked about the Sacred Heart Canossian College (SHCC) reunion for quite some time. A fellow SHCC classmate directed me to [Assunta Ng’s] article, “Lessons I took away from my school reunion (issue 48, Nov. 21–27).”  [It was] very well done.  

[I would like to thank Ng] for articulating those sentiments and sharing them. They certainly struck a few consensual chords among many who attended SHCC, including those who did so before and after [Ng].

Yes, long live SHCC and long live Sacred Heartists. The school instilled a very strong sense of social responsibility, reflecting its confidence in its students’ abilities to make a difference in the lives of others and the world they live in. And I believe we did not disappoint.

Thanks again for putting SHCC on the Seattle map.

— Colleen Kwan, SHCC alumnus

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