Letter: NWAW should not promote Communist China

To the Editor:

The Chinese Communist Party enslaves, tortures, imprisons, and murders Chinese citizens who dare to question its oppressive and cruel policies. This includes practitioners of Falun Gong.

Have you read “Dragon Fighter” by Rebiya Kadeer? It’s an eye-opener and a stomach-turner, and is available at the Chinatown Library.

You should be ashamed to publicize and glorify any celebration of Communist China, which has no regard whatsoever for the well-being, the health, or the dignity of its citizens, which it works to strip away every single day. ♦

— Dick Ellingson, Seattle

Editor’s note: Mr. Ellingson’s letter is in response to the story, “Largest pro-China parade ever!” in issue 40 (Sept. 26–Oct. 2).

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One Response to “Letter: NWAW should not promote Communist China”

  1. Frank Wang says:

    Is it not the freedom of speech allow ALL opinions?

    Should NWAW promote those countries that profited from enslaving colored people?


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